who we are

Each system is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach full clean power potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Issues defined:

1. Renewables Portfolio, how do the Gvt. & Private Sector procure and install needed systems?

2. Interconnect, Regulatory problems with standards and net metering

3. Utility grid issues, the ability to sell into the marketplace larger systems standards/interconnection

4. Combined systems and system integration management monitoring

5. Funding, payback analysis, grants, rebates and green tags

* Areas of common interest, we will work to a common end with a single voice and allocate funding to agreed tasks.
* By virtue of numbers we gain momentum and force of political action. 
* If we can talk with one voice we will move the agenda to clean fuels / energy and set up the infrastructure to make the products or processes necessary to avoid the instability we face from fossil fuels.

Our Coalition recognizes:
• Solar- electric and thermal
• Wind-electric and mechanical drives
• Hydro-electric (low head, run river, tidal) and mechanical drives
• Geothermal-electric and thermal
• Biomass-fuels and products
• CHP, Fuel Cells, Sterling, Turbines and other clean burn efficient power systems
• Green building and Eco industrial development

The goal is to have at least a 50% contribution in the next 10 years by these energy and technologies. We believe coupled with conservation and energy storage we can successfully wean our dependence on fossil fuels by this mandated goal in many states 50% renewable clean power in this timeframe without decrease in quality of life or economic stress and will at the same time be creating new jobs and robust sustainable industries.

we believe in a unique and customized analysis for each and every application.

This thought holds true for the renewable energy industry wether Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro or other clean technology there has never been more pressure on a federal level to roll back the progress made over 50 years to a green future.

We feel by adding our voice together we can show how to create a truly sustainable and clean economy for this and future generations.  

our approach

There is a quote from Ben Franklin paraphrasing:
We need to hang together if not we will be certainly be hung separately

No one denies that utilities have faced and continue to face unprecedented challenges to their traditional business models in recent years: the rise of distributed energy resources, net-metering policies, stagnant demand and growing energy efficiency requirements.

But, in many ways, the rising pro-customer culture for utilities is the new reality (and the related technology that makes that culture possible) is coming to the rescue. This large-scale digital transformation is rippling across utility businesses.. 

While that can appear daunting on the surface, there are progressive utility innovators embracing the opportunity to open new revenue streams and better serve their customers and that pool of progressive utilities grows every single day. They have little choice but reform, its do or die for traditional monopolies.

Renewable Energy Coalition 

Planning A clean energy future

Our coalition has sought to organize diverse technology, products, interests, timelines and formed a united voice for moving the agenda.

The time has come for mainstreaming new clean technology fuels and systems. We need not only save energy to avoid our current fuel crisis we need to lower the cost of living in our homes and operating our businesses.